dogs. wilderness. adventure.

dogs. wilderness. adventure.

what we do

off leash group hikes that maximize your dog’s quality of life

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two-hour hikes

Non-rushed, full-length outings that check all the boxes: exercise, enrichment, social experience and decompression in nature.

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behavioural health

Our hikes are tailored to adventure seekers craving freedom of movement in nature and a species appropriate reset from our city living restraints.

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bonds & friendships

Our dogs enjoy safe and consistent friend groups led by experienced, kind and professional hike leaders who truly know them.

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membership system

Our subscription model adds simplicity, automation and peace of mind to our relationship so we can focus on what matters most: your dog.

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We struck gold when we found Gisele and her team at Hare & Hound. Our two dogs have been running with her pack three times a week for over four years. Always excellent care, regular updates on how the hounds are doing, prompt attention to any issues that arise, and a warm professionalism that really makes them a natural part of our lives.


why we do it

a science-based, thoughtful approach to dog walking

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critical thinking

Freedom to make choices in how they interact with their environment as we strategically capture and generously reinforce great decision-making.

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confidence & independence

Nurture your dog’s individuality away from home as they explore the world with our hike leaders and expand their comfort zone.

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routine & stability

Predictability promotes feelings of safety and control in our dogs, empowering them with confidence and reducing frustrations.

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adaptability to change

Small adjustments to a familiar setting and routine promote resilient pups that bounce back quicker from unexpected life events.

how it works

go about your day knowing your pup is in good hands


Submit an application to say hello!
We’ll book a free 30-minute consultation to answer all your questions and ensure we’re a good fit.


Our first date with your dog will be a solo bonding walk where we’ll introduce them to the truck and prep for their big day.


Our ride shows up on your set hike days, we let ourselves in your home with a key or passcode and your dog hops in with 5-7 of their friends.


We journey through the woods in search of wild scents and natural beauty; swim and explore to our hearts’ content before heading back home.

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what's your service area?
how old should my dog be?
Where do you take the dogs?

Our hikes take place in non-fenced, multi-trail wilderness areas with frequent access to fresh water: streams, ponds and lakes.

The trails we love and explore are located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People, and we acknowledge them as the past, present, and future caretakers of this land.

Does everyone get along?

Yes, our dogs must be respectful of one another and are screened accordingly. We find they communicate quite wonderfully amongst themselves and we encourage the dogs to learn from each other with as little human intervention as possible.

How do you keep them all with you?

Our hikers come to us having already earned their off-leash privileges. We focus on building a positive training history and a consistent bond with each dog so they happily choose to stick around.

Can we book hikes on demand?

We do things a little differently and don’t actually offer casual spots. Our dogs enjoy a familiar set of friends throughout the years with minimum change in the group dynamics by reserving all spots on a set schedule.

free guide

the must-have trail skills we practice everyday.

explore with confidence

Have a plan in place to successfully manage most scenarios, calmly tackle the unexpected and safely embark on your next adventure.

communicate effectively

Learn how we engage with our many dogs, of various breeds and personalities, and transfer these skills into your own relationships.

reduce conflict

Multi-use, public trails come with many elements beyond our control. Learn how to leverage these environments in your favour.

truly enjoy your hike

A step-by-step process on how we minimize stressors, reason with our expectations and set your pups up for success!

next steps

ready to invest in your dog's physical and behavioural wellness?

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