We journey through the woods in search of wild scents and natural beauty, physical exercise and mental stimulation. This is an active and engaging outing in a quiet wilderness setting; a relaxing getaway from cars, most people and other city distractions.

Designed as a healthy and natural alternative to doggy daycare, this is their time to learn, grow and explore; soak up the sunshine, take in the fresh air, socialize with friends and come home to tell you all about it!

Dogs get to enjoy the outdoors as they instinctively want to and you get a healthy, confident and fulfilled companion in return — all without being late for work.

We are based in Halifax, NS. Please do still reach out if we don’t yet service your neighbourhood and I’ll be happy to get you in touch with another qualified and caring professional.


Please contact for details.


Adventure Hikes take place on a Monday-Friday schedule, on all but dangerous weather conditions.

To book an assessment or for more information you can reach me at (902)240-8271 or at


In the past seven years I have experienced many sides of the pet care business. I have learned from and grown with some of the top industry leaders in Halifax and Toronto. Those are individuals I look up to and have shaped my work ethics to the level it is today.

There is a lot of wrong and ugly in such an unregulated line of work — but there is also a lot of beauty, hard work, honesty and dedication to be found underneath all that dog hair. As a pet owner, there are specific traits I value and look for in potential caregivers and, consequently, those are qualities you can expect and appreciate throughout our relationship.

Previous employers include Tailwagrrrs K9 Wellness Centre, Carnegy Animal Hospital, Unleashed in the City and Metro Animal Emergency Clinic. Currently, you can find me deep in the woods, exploring your neighbourhood, or caring for HRM Found Pets at Homeward Bound City Pound.

Drop me a line to learn more! I look forward to hearing from you.

Gisele Gomes | Founder & Dog Hiker

Phone: (902)240-8271 / Email:

Hare & Hound Hiking Co. is a professional dog walking company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A community of dog lovers, adventure seekers and forest enthusiasts.


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